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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

183*182* Master’s mark “J” and “T” (André und Jean-Louis Jordan & Francois-Claude Theremin), Berlin, punched flange number 396, 62 x 17 mm, circa 1780 A very fine German diamond-studded enamel powder box Case: gold, case maker’s mark: crowned “J” and crowned “T”, imitating charge mark Jean-Jaques Prévost, two later Parisian punch marks for gold 1838-1846, rim with number 396. Round box, all-over translucent cobalt blue enamelling on reeding and coin-pattern engine-turning. Loose cover with round enamel plaque within a border of diamonds, with polychrome painting: pastoral scene with a gallant couple playing the flute, in the background a sheep and farm buildings. Cover, base and sides with a band of frosted gold with opalescent white and opaque red enamel studs and translucent green foliate enamelling. Francois-Claude Theremin Theremin was the son-in-law of Jean-Guillaume-Georges Krüger. Together with the brothers André and Jean-Louis Jordan he founded an important manufactory for ornaments and jewellery in Berlin, where they employed craftspeople from Paris and Geneva. Around 1794 Theremin went into partnership with his brother Pierre, who had a workshop in St. Petersburg. They decorated their gold boxes with neoclassical Geneva style enamelling and these boxes were a great success. The brothers possibly marked their products with the initials “JT”. Source: José de Los Llanos, Christiane Grégoire, “Boites en or et objects de vertu au Musée Cognacq-Jay”, Paris 2011, p. 536. 專業印記”J”和”T” (André und Jean-Louis Jordan & Francois- Claude Theremin) 柏林 — 極精緻的德國鑲鑽黃金琺瑯粉盒 40704  C: 2  17.000 - 22.000 EUR 18.700 - 24.300 USD 153.000 - 198.000 HKD Jeanne Vauthey, Genève, 77 x 46 x 20 mm, circa 1910 An exquisite gold enamel snuff box with very fine miniature enamel painting Case: 18K gold, two French import marks after 1893. Rectangular case with bevelled edges, all-over engine turning and translucent blue-grey enamelling, sides and base with reeding and coin-pattern decoration. Gold fittings with engraved laurel scrolls, cover engraved with flower scrolls and lozenges. Central very fine miniature enamel portrait of a girl wearing a dress adorned with roses and standing in front of a fountain with a broken jug; the fountain is decorated with lions and rams. Signature “J. Vauthey” bottom right hand corner, applied diamond frame. Jeanne Vauthey (1866-1935) Jeanne Vauthey was an enamel painter in Geneva; she is listed to have worked there from 1900 on. Known addresses were her studios at 3, Inc Saint Jean in 1915 and 13, Avenue Galatin after 1924. A similar box with mirror-inverted enamel miniature is in the Wartsky Collection, London. On December 14, 2014 Sotheby’s in New York sold a Vacheron & Constantin pocket watch with an enamel miniature by Jeanne Vautheys (“Le Temps et les Parques”) for USD 233,000. Jeanne Vauthey 日內瓦 — 稀世的黃金琺瑯煙盒,附極精緻的迷你 琺瑯繪飾 40702  C: 2  28.000 - 35.000 EUR 30.900 - 38.500 USD 252.000 - 315.000 HKD