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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

185* German, probably Dresden, 122 x 81 x 48 mm, circa 1750 An important Rococo-style gold-mounted agate snuff box with gold cagework: “The Metamorphosis of Minerva” Case: gold, smoke-coloured agate box cut from one stone, polished; chased gold cagework mounts; hinged lid showing the metamorphosis of Minerva, sides with military equipment, flowers and cornucopiae surrounded by rocailles and volutes. Shell thumbpiece, borders engraved with flowers and volutes. Provenance: Alan and Simone Hartman Collection 疑是德國 Dresden — 意義深遠的洛可可風格瑪瑙煙盒,黃金琺瑯 雕飾”The Metamorphosis of Minerva” 40692  C: 2  47.000 - 65.000 EUR 51.800 - 71.500 USD 423.000 - 585.000 HKD