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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

John Rich John Rich was certainly a fascinating man. Some of his artworks are so extraordinary that one would expect to find an abundance of material on Rich, but this is not the case. Some of the most complicated automata such as the so-called “The Magician Box”, or the “Sandoz Scent Bottle” are signed by Rich. Alfred Chapuis and Edmond Droz, both authorities on automata, have described the Magician as “the most remarkable snuffbox known to the authors”. The signature “Made by John Rich” is hidden on the barrel, so that the piece must be taken apart for it to be found. Some boxes that have been examined or restored are signed “John Rich, London” or “John Rich, London & Genève”, whereas some others which are mechanically identical bear no signature at all. The same is true of Rich’s watches; they are often not signed at all and if they are, the signature is found in such a concealed place that only a person who has taken the watch apart would be able to see them. Obviously some of the great automata makers did not generally sign their pieces on the surface, but they were very well-known and plenty of information about them can be found. This is different for John Rich; it has been assumed that he was originally from England and opened a shop in Geneva. Also his pieces shows some similarities to the work of Jaquet Droz and Leschot, which leads to the assumption that they were created by a master craftsman (or craftsmen) associated with them. Rich’s work can be dated no earlier than 1780 and no later than the first few years of the nineteenth century, spanning probably from about 1780 to just after 1805; after a quarter of a century of magnificent mechanical achievements, John Rich has left hardly any information on himself except his work itself. The magnificence of his creations in combination with the little information that is available on Rich form a fascinating mystery which calls for someone to try and research the life and work of this exceptional man. Source: Osvaldo Patrizzi “Dictionnaire des Horlogers Genevois”, Geneva 1998, p. 342 Jean Carrisol, specialist springmaker, supplying the makers of musical watches at the end of the 18th beginning of the 19th century in Geneva. The Art of the Automaton in Geneva During the 1780s, Geneva opened a most intriguing chapter of horological history. The city developed, with great flair, the art of automatons: machines designed to imitate the movements of live beings or creatures. They ranged from the simplest forms, where a figure’s moving arms could point to the time, to complex, full-scale productions, such as pastoral scenes, theatre pieces or concerts. Automata were soon being used to animate a wide variety of objects, such as scent bottles, amphorae, mirrors or snuffboxes; their use as timepieces was often merely a pretext for possessing these exquisite creations. And since where there is life, there is sound, the automata were fitted with a musical mechanism. The acknowledged masters of this marriage between ornamental watches and automata included Pierre Morand, Henry Capt, Isaac Daniel Piguet and Philippe Samuel Meylan as well as the Jaquet Droz workshop in Geneva, with colleagues and successors Jean-Frédéric Leschot and Jacob Frisard. All were the brilliant creators of musical watches functioning first with chiming bells, and later with a cylinder or pin-drum that caused a comb made up of a set of blades to vibrate. These watches were especially prized in the East and during trade with Turkey and China they acquired a subtle local touch, a discreetly exotic charm that makes them easy to distinguish today. In the hands of the Rochat family and the Bruguier workshop, this tradition continued until 1850. Source: La Tribune des Arts présente en exclusivité le Patek Philippe Museum, of 10/07/2011. 40835  G: 2 W: 2, 41  350.000 - 750.000 EUR 385.100 - 825.100 USD 3.150.000 - 6.750.000 HKD John Rich 倫敦/日內瓦加持款 — 博物館珍藏,意義深遠,獨一無 二的鑲珍珠黃金琺瑯音樂盒”Das Orchester”(交響樂團)。附活動 雕飾及透過振動葉扇的悠揚鐘琴旋律的音樂功能,另附原廠絲絨 內裏的皮革盒 40835  C: 2 M: 2, 41  350.000 - 750.000 EUR 385.100 - 825.100 USD 3.150.000 - 6.750.000 HKD