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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

199198 Longines Watch Co., Movement No. 50691908, Case No. 50691908, Cal. 262, 66 mm, 298 g, circa 1965 A precision split seconds chronograph with nonius hand and constant force Case: steel, polished, screwed on. Dial: silvered, Arabic numerals, 30 min. counter, auxiliary seconds, nonius hand, baton hands. Movm.: 2/3 plate movement, rhodium plated, “fausses côtes” decoration, finest matted, bevelled chronograph steel parts, ratchet wheel, ground and bevelled double hand tong with separate ratchet wheel for split seconds chronograph, going train with constant force, screw compensation balance, balance spring with inner terminal curve, index spring fine adjusting device, hack feature, shock protection for balance. 浪琴錶, 精密追針計時碼錶,附游標指針及恆定碼力, 40197  C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41  1.600 - 2.500 EUR 1.800 - 2.800 USD 14.400 - 22.500 HKD Omega S.A., Bienne, “Chronométrage”, Movement No. 12780136, Cal. 201, 65 mm, 237 g, circa 1952  A rare, “electrical” deck chronometer with centre seconds and additional stoppable centre seconds hand and electrical and mechanical 30 seconds contact device. Every 30 seconds a seconds contact device is activated for 7 seconds - with original box and Bulletin 1ère Classe de l’Observatoire Astronomique et Chronométrique de Neuchatel, dated June 24, 1952 Case: steel, polished, movement protection cap, screw back, pusher for seconds stop at “1”. Dial: enamel, Arabic numerals, “Omega Chronométrage inventory number”: 7, centre seconds, signed, blued Éventail hands. Movm.: 3/4 plate movement, rhodium-plated, “fausses côtes” decoration, finely ground chronograph steel parts, finely ground scissor-shaped double hand tong with separate ratchet wheel for split seconds chronograph, hack feature, Guillaume screw compensation balance, index spring fine adjusting device. The “electric” split seconds chronograph emits a visual and audible starting signal at five seconds before 30 seconds and the minute mark each. A similar watch is illustrated and described in: “Omega” by Marco Richon, Biel 2007, page 566. 歐米茄 Bienne “Chronométrage” — 罕見的”electrical”觀測時 計,附中心秒針及另外一支可暫停的中心秒針,電波/機械30秒觸 控,每過30秒後,會啟動7秒時間的觸控,另附原盒及1952年6月 24日 l’Observatoire Astronomique et Chronométrique de Neuchatel天 文台1級Bulletin公報認證 40829  C: 2, 10 D: 2 M: 2, 41  5.000 - 7.000 EUR 5.500 - 7.800 USD 45.000 - 63.000 HKD