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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

207 Antide Janvier au Louvre, Paris, circa 1804 An astronomic one month-going audience clock of museum quality with 24-hour dial and ten-minute subsidiary minutes dial, moon phase, age of the moon and Réaumur thermometer Case: mahogany veneered, upright rectangular with four gilt corner feet, cuboid base, glazed aperture for thermometer sector under gilt brass acanthus leaf arch, signed, gilt brass acanthus leaf decorated bezel, moulded triangular gable with applied gilt brass woman’s mask, removable back panel. Dial: enamel chapter ring with Roman numerals repeated twice forming 24 with Roman chapter, inner 10-minute “audience” divisions, subsidiary enamel minutes dial at “12”, small enamel centre dial for age of the moon fixed to the gilt brass moon hand which is fitted with a spherical model of the moon; mean time indicated by gilt brass hand with sun-burst end and in its extension the display of the moon age. Thermometer Dial: enamel, sector for Réaumur scale from -10 to +30 and engraving “Glace - Tempéré - Chaleur d’ Ete” with record dates observed in Paris in 1709 and 1753, blued hand. Movm.: circular brass full plate movement, signed, 1 barrel for going train, cylindrical pillars, anchor escapement, silk suspended pendulum, steel pendulum rod and brass bob. Réaumur thermometer: bimetallic steel and brass lever acting on a pivoted steel lever to which the hand is fixed. There are only three of this highly complicated clocks which are recorded in the “Antide Janvier” catalogue raisonné by Michel Hayard from 2011. Audience Clocks This audience clock has a hand which makes a full turn in ten minutes. This was the time accorded a supplicant to make his petition, after which he would withdraw, leaving the next visitor to be ushered in. Source: Michel Hayard: “Antide Janvier 1751-1835. Horloger des étoiles / Celestial clockmaker”, L’image du Temps Ed., p. 163. Antide Janvier (1751-1835) He was a famous French clockmaker and author. He gained a reputation as a maker of ingenious and complicated clocks, including many astronomical clocks and clocks showing the tides. He eventually became Louis XVI’s royal clockmaker. Source: “Wapedia, Mobile Encyclopedia”, Janvier, as of 02/04/2011. Antide Janvier au Louvre 巴黎 — 博物館珍藏,天文系列座鐘,一個 月走動機蕊,附24小時顯示錶盤,10分鐘副錶盤,月相顯示,月 齡及列氏溫標溫度計 40969  C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41  140.000 - 180.000 EUR 154.000 - 198.100 USD 1.260.000 - 1.620.000 HKD