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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

238 237* 236* Patek Philippe & Cie. Genève, Movement No. 112960, Case No. 223253, 27 mm, 25 g, circa 1902  A lady’s Geneva miniature fob watch with “repoussé” case “Hercules and Omphale” Case: 18k gold, “repoussé” decoration: “Hercules and Omphale”, numbered and signed gold dome, large lateral hinge. Dial: enamel, Arabic numerals, gold Louis XV hands. Movm.: bridge movement, rhodium-plated, “fausses côtes” decoration, wolfteeth winding wheels, gold screw compensation balance, counterpoised “Moustache” lever. 百達翡麗 日內瓦 — 日內瓦女仕迷你鍊錶,浮雕錶殼”Hercules and Omphale” 40939  C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41  3.500 - 6.000 EUR 3.900 - 6.700 USD 31.500 - 54.000 HKD Swiss, Case No. 7571, 25 mm, 19 g, circa 1893  A lady’s decorative miniature pendant watch studded with half pearls Case: 18k rose gold, back cover with fine polychrome enamel painting depicting a young lady with plume hat, the bezels studded with half pearls, gold dome with dedication engraving: “Maude from Father May 13th, 1893”, large lateral hinge. Dial: enamel, radial Roman hours, Louis XV hands. Movm.: bridge movement, rhodium-plated, “fausses côtes” decoration, cylinder escapement, three-arm ring balance. Le Coultre & Cie. — 裝飾藝術風格的迷你女仕鑲珍珠鍊錶 40698  C: 2 D: 2, 51 M: 2, 41, 51  1.000 - 1.700 EUR 1.100 - 1.900 USD 9.000 - 15.300 HKD Le Coultre, Swiss / Koch, Jeweller to the Court the Empress and Queen, Frankfurt a/M., Baden, Case No. 83113, 21 mm, 12 g, circa 1900  A lady’s splendour diamond and ruby studded miniature fob watch with matching brooch and original silk-lined box Case: 18k gold, diamond-set bezel, the back lid studded with diamonds and central ruby, gold dome. Dial: enamel, blue Arabic numerals, red “12”, spade hands. Movm.: bridge movement, frosted, gilt, cylinder escapement, ring balance. Robert Koch, jeweller to the court, was sometimes called “the German Cartier who custom-made diadems for royal houses” In 1879 Robert Koch opened a jewellery store with his brother Louis as a partner. The business soon gained an international reputation and a branch in Baden-Baden was opened. Amongst the clients were a number of royal houses such as the House of Hohenzollern and around the turn of the century the brothers Koch were awarded the title of jewellers to the court. The store continued with its exquisite and high value product range after the deaths of the Koch brothers and remained in business until 1986. Source: abteilung_3/03701inhalt.html, as of 10/05/2014. Le Coultre, 瑞士 / Koch, 帝國王室御用珠寶家,德國法蘭克福 Baden — 極盡奢華的女仕鑲鑽及紅寶石迷你鍊錶,附同系列鑲鑽胸針, 附絲絨內裏原盒 40978  C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41  4.000 - 8.000 EUR 4.400 - 8.800 USD 36.000 - 72.000 HKD