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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

514 Gabriel Jaumard à Tolose (Toulouse), 46 x 55 mm, 195 g, circa 1650  An early one-handed oval Renaissance drum watch with alarm Case: bronze, pierced, lavishly engraved mythological scenes, floral ornaments, bell. Dial: brass, firegilt, engraving, silvered chapter ring with radial Roman numerals, central turnable florally engraved alarm disc, pierced steel hand. Movm.: firegilt brass full plate movement, gut/fusee, florally pierced barrel, verge escapement, 1 hammer, moulded conical movement pillars, iron ring balance without hairspring, very finely florally engraved, pierced balance cock. Gabriel Jaumard à Tolose (Toulouse) — 早期文藝復興風格單一指針橢 圓形鍊錶,附鬧鈴 40456  C: 2, 11 D: 2 M: 2, 14, 41  16.500 - 22.000 EUR 18.200 - 24.300 USD 148.500 - 198.000 HKD