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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

until his death later in the year. The first pieces were accordingly signed “Howells and Pennington for Thomas Mudge”. However, only eight chronometers were produced in the first 18 months and in 1796 Mudge the Younger took on additional staff to increase production; Howells and Mudge did not see eye to eye on this though and ended their partnership. Unfortunately for Mudge the premises belonged to Howells, so that he had to look to move his business to another location. After his agreement with Mudge had finished, Howells went into production with Paul Philip Barraud and George Jamison and they began building simplified versions of Thomas Mudge’s original drafts. Once he had established his new workshop, Mudge Jr. took on the escapement maker Richard Pendleton and intended him to work with Robert Pennington on the creation of chronometers according to his father’s designs. Howells’ team as well as Mudge Jr.’s both saw themselves as the legitimate successors of Mudge Sr.’s work, so there are two separate series from series No. 9 on. However, neither company was really fortunate in their endeavours and Mudge was forced to close his factory in 1798 - only 19 more chronometers had been produced by then, so that the total came to 27. Howells’ business was even less productive and closed in 1799 after making only seven timekeepers. Source: Jonathan Betts “The Roadshow” Chronometer, Horological Journal, August 2002, p. 276. Lit.: Anthony G. Randall: ‘Huber-Mudge and the First Constant Force Escapement’, Antiquarian Horlogy, pages 217-226, 12/2005 Tony Mercer: “Chronometer Makers of the World”, page 39, Colchester, 1991 This chronometer is one of the few in the series that was fitted with an escapement after the original design by Thomas Mudge SNr. The production costs for the design, however, were very high and most of the watches by ‘Pennington, Pendleton and Others’ were fitted later with a chronometer escapement in the style of Earnshaw. Provenance: George Daniels Collection Pennington, Pendleton and others for the Son of the Inventor 1796 / Thomas Mudge, London 英國 — 博物館價值的一日航海時 計,Thomas Mudge的專業設計款式 40526  C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41  380.000 - 450.000 EUR 418.100 - 495.100 USD 3.420.000 - 4.050.000 HKD