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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

587 Antoine Nicolas Delolme à Brunsvic (Braunschweig), Horologer de la Cour, 56 mm, 128 g, circa 1790  A gentleman’s important pocket watch - one of the earliest German minute repeating pocket watch with Carillon Case: 18k rose gold, engine-turned, engine-turned band, monogrammed, signed gold dome, case maker punch mark “VeP”, repetition via pendant. Dial: enamel, Arabic numerals, blued Breguet hands. Movm.: bridge movement, keywind, frosted, gilt, mirror-polished repetition steel parts, 3 hammers, 3 gongs, going barrel, cylinder escapement, three-arm brass balance, blued balance spring. Antoine Nicolas Delolme à Brunsvic (Braunschweig),Horologer de la Cour — 意義深遠的男仕懷錶,德國最早三問懷錶附鐘琴的其中 之一 40509  C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41  11.000 - 14.000 EUR 12.200 - 15.500 USD 99.000 - 126.000 HKD