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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

7271 André Rousseau à Paris, Height 440 mm, circa 1675 An early religieuse pendulum clock in the Hague tradition with half hour / hour strike Case: ebony, applied red tortoiseshell and brass inlays. Moulded base, oval windows to the sides, glazed front, flanked by two pilasters with Corinthian capitals and inlaid flutings, arched top concealing the bell flanked by two ormulu flambeau finials. Dial: hinged dial plate covered with dark red velvet, applied gilt brass chapter ring with inlaid radial Roman hours, pierced and engraved brass hands. Movm.: square rectangular brass movement 125 x 125 mm, signed, 2 barrels, locking plate, 8-day power reserve, anchor escapement, keywind, baluster movement pillars, short pendulum with silk string suspension. André Rousseau was a descendant of the famous watchmaking dynasty Rousseau. His father Jean Rousseau (1606-1684) had 12 children, five of whom became watchmakers themselves. One of them was André, who was sent to Hamburg to learn the art of goldsmithing. André stayed in Hamburg and continued his work there. André Rousseau 巴黎 — 早期宗教風格”Hague Stil”座鐘,大小自鳴 40947  C: 2, 30 D: 2 M: 2, 41, 51  4.000 - 6.500 EUR 4.400 - 7.200 USD 36.000 - 58.500 HKD Phillippe Gebert à Paris, Height 295 mm, circa 1665 An early hour striking pendule religieuse in the Hague tradition, produced shortly after the invention of the pendulum - we know of only one other religieuse clock by Philippe Gebert, which dates from around 1670 Case: wood, ebony-veneered, oval windows to the sides, glazed front, the front door locked on the right side with the winding key, hammer/bell on top of the case. Dial: brass, covered with black velvet, applied gilt chapter ring with inlaid radial Roman numerals, pierced and engraved brass hands, mounted cast “lambrequin” covering an aperture for the controlling of the pendulum. Movm.: rectangular brass movement 110 x 95 mm, signed, large barrel, locking plate, verge escapement, keywind, baluster pillars, cycloidal cheeks, short pendulum with silk string suspension. Only very little is known about Philippe Gebert; he married Marie Legrand on March 1, 1661 and the couple had three children: Philippe, Marie and Gervais Gebert. Phillippe Gebert 巴黎 — 早期宗教”Hague Stil”風格小自鳴座鐘,製 作於鐘擺功能發明不久後。據了解,僅存於世的,還有另外一只 由Philippe Gebert(約在1670年)製作的同樣款式。 40948  C: 2, 16, 45 D: 2, 45 M: 2, 41, 51  4.000 - 6.000 EUR 4.400 - 6.700 USD 36.000 - 54.000 HKD