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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

Our assessment system for cata- logued items Dear Customer, in order to improve our service to you, our catalogue features an assessment system which allows you to easily access information regarding the condition of each item we offer for sale. Although we take great care to be as objective as possible in assessing the items, we must point out that our opinions are inevitably subjective. We draw your attention to the fact that our grading system of items is solely for information purposes and represents our opi- nion of the condition of the item. In no way does this constitute a guarantee or a statement of fact for which Auktionen Dr. Crott can be made liable. In addition Auktionen Dr. Crott will accept no liability for incomplete information or a wrong representation of an item. All catalogued items are carefully examined and assessed. Age and rarity are taken into consideration as well as the esthetic and technical aspects, also in regard to the technical innovations at the period of manufacture. At the end of each description you will find the grading key consisting of numbers and letters. These grade the item with regard to the condition of the case, dial, hands and movement. The abbrevations are: C Case, D Dial resp. Hands, M Movement. The numbers following these letters indicate our assessment of the condition of the case, dial and movement and are used in combination with the table on the left. Example: C: 3, 28 D: 3 M: 2, 42 Case: good, re-gilt Dial/Hands: good Movement: very good, custom made Object with musical movement Mixed lot: Usually only one object was photographed, described and estimated for this catalogue. The estimate always refers to the complete lot. To view all objects in a mixed lot, please visit our home page at: 我們對拍賣品的评估標準 敬愛的客戶 為了增加您對鐘錶的認識,以及節省您寶貴的時 間,我們對所有拍品,都作了品相報告。 在評估標準上,我們是絕對的竭盡心力,但請您務 必理解,一切的文字陳述,評價,均是您作為參考 用,本公司不負擔任何法律責任,也不表明本公司 對拍賣品的真實性,價值所作的任何擔保。 在圖錄中,對每一拍品的介紹,歷史由來,機蕊構 造等等,均作參考性意見,一切以原物為主,本公 司不承擔責任。 在每一拍品的文字陳述外,所有的拍品也都附帶三 種評估標準,包括C代表錶殼,D代表錶盤及M代 表機蕊。所附的數字表示,您可在評估標準的頁面 上,一目了然。 範例: C: 3,28 D 3,M: 2,42 錶殼: 好,全新的鍍金 錶盤: 好, 機蕊: 非常好,特殊配製 拍品附音樂功能 整套系列: 在圖錄中,我們通常針對整套鐘錶系列 的其中之一,拍照、作文字介紹及評價。 不過,圖錄上所標示的是整套鐘錶的估 價。如欲知整套鐘錶的詳細資料,請參 觀我們的網站