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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

85 84 83 Southern German, Height 230 mm, circa 1570  A small turret clock with hour strike and alarm Case: copper and brass, firegilt, square, curved base with floral engravings. Body with four corner columns with acanthus decor and Corinthian capitals, walls with engraved strap work and floral decoration; top with four obelisk finials, round bell tower with pilaster balustrade and dome around a bell, surmounted by a baluster finial. Slide to set the alarm on or off, on the back a short pendulum, two winding arbors. Dial: Front - applied brass hour chapter dial with inlaid Roman numerals, central alarm disc with Arabic numerals and elaborately engraved centre, blued iron hand. Back - hour strike control dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, as well as applied hour knobs for time reading by night, blued iron hand. Movm.: iron frame, iron going train, double gut/fusee for going and striking train, 3 barrels, 2 hammers, locking plate for strike mechanism, verge escapement, short pendulum. 德國南方 — 小巧的小自鳴塔鐘,附鬧鈴 40065  C: 3, 39 D: 2, 22 M: 2, 30, 41, 48, 51  5.500 - 7.500 EUR 6.100 - 8.300 USD 49.500 - 67.500 HKD Jean Drouynot à Poytiers, 53 mm, 124 g, circa 1640  A rare one-handed verge pocket watch. Drouynot (or Drouinot) born in Franche-Comté, is recorded as being in Poitiers in 1623. Case: silver, polished, the back side with circular ring ornamentation, large lateral hinge. Dial: silver, champlevé, heart-shaped cartouches with inlaid radial Roman numerals, florally engraved centre part, blued iron single hand. Movm.: fine full plate movement, keywind, signed, gilt, chain/fusee, fluted baluster movement pillars, three-arm iron balance, fine florally engraved, pierced silver balance cock. Jean Drouynot à Poytiers — 罕見的早期單一指針懷錶,Drouynot(或 Drouinot)出生於法國,在1623年登記在法國Poitiers市 41063  C: 2, 11 D: 2 M: 2, 41  5.500 - 7.000 EUR 6.100 - 7.800 USD 49.500 - 63.000 HKD Probably French, 55 mm, 114 g, circa 1750  An early pocket watch case with dial Case: outer case - silver, engraved and chased volutes and scrollwork, case maker punch mark “IH”, large lateral hinge, rear bell. Inner case - silver, pierced, engraved and chased volutes and scrollwork. Dial: silver, Champlevé, inlaid radial Roman hours, central alarm disc with Arabic numerals and engraved centre, blued single steel hand. 疑是法國 — 早期附錶盤的懷錶錶殼 40091  C: 2 D: 2  2.000 - 3.000 EUR 2.200 - 3.400 USD 18.000 - 27.000 HKD