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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

Tips for the Auction Bidding at the Auction If you are planning to attend our auction in person, you will need to register during the pre-sale view or on the auction day and you will receive a numbered paddle to identify yourself. In order to avoid abuse, we kindly ask you not to leave your paddle unattended. Lots offered for sale are generally auctioned in the order they appear in the catalogue Written Bids The auctioneer accepts completed and signed absentee bids in written form, provided they are submitted to us by fax or post before the start of the auction. Due to the limited time, we recommend that you confirm your fax bid by a telephone call. Please note that for written bids the lot number, not the description is binding. Order forms are provided at the back of our auction catalogue as well as on our homepage Please fill in the lot number you wish to bid for as well as a short description, your maximum bid, and your full address. Telephone Bids If you cannot attend the auction in person, you may participate by telephone. A member of Auktionen Dr. Crott staff will contact you during the auction; different languages are being spoken. All telephone bids must be confirmed in writing on a completed order form sent by post or fax. Please use the order form at the back of the catalogue for this, without stating a maximum bid and recording that this concerns telephone bidding. Please make sure you provide at least one telephone number where you can be contacted during the auction, preferably a landline. Please note that we can only accept telephone bids for lots starting with an estimated minimum bid of 1000,- Euros. In submitting a bid placement, the bidder declares that he agrees to the recording of the bidding process. Online Bidding Of course you can also take part in our auction comfortably over your browser from any computer anywhere in the world. Please register for online bidding at at least 48 hours before the start of the auction. Please note that a surcharge of 3% will apply for online purchases. Payment Payment can be made at the auction by cash or certified bank cheque. In case of a telephone or written bid you will be notified directly after the auction if your bid has been successfull. Estimates The prices indicated in the catalogue are estimates and are intended to provide a guidance for potential buyers; they cannot be consi- dered a prediction of the actual selling price of an object. Please refer to the Conditions of Sale at the back of the catalogue. Information on cultural assets Processing by customs can take up to 2-4 weeks if the export of the purchased goods requires official approval (export licence for cultural assets). 拍賣會的守則 出席拍賣會競買 如果您本人要在拍賣會參加競買,您可以在預 覽期間或拍賣當天申請競投號牌,請備妥身份 證或護照,以茲證明您的身份。請務必妥善保 管好您的競投號牌,謹防被冒用。 所有的拍品,會依照我們拍賣圖錄的順序來進 行。 書面競投 有關書面競投的申請,我們需要您親筆簽署的 競投文件, 請在拍賣會前以郵寄方 式或傳真給 我們。如果時間緊迫,我們建議您,務必先電 話通知我們。另外,請您留意,拍品編號不一 定 與拍品本身的標幟符號有關聯。競投表格附 在圖錄的最後,或從我們的官方網站www.uhren- muser.de下載。麻煩填妥您要競買的拍品編號, 最高出價以及您的詳細住址。 電話競投 如果您無法親自參加拍賣會競買,我們也提供 了多國語言的電話競投服務。為了保證您的 拍賣標的,請填一份附有您的親筆簽名的電話 競投委托書,或傳真,或郵寄給我們。委托書 上,請務必註明 „ 電話 „字樣。 電話競投委托 書,請參考我們的書面競投表。請務必告知, 我們絕對能在拍賣會上與您取得聯繫的電話號 碼,最好是座機號碼。另外,請留意電話競投 的最低估價為 1000 歐元。 我們要鄭重聲明及取 得您的同意和理解,整個與您通話拍賣過程, 我們會作電話錄音記錄。 網上競投 您當然可以在家輕鬆上網競拍,如欲網上競 投,請至少在拍賣會開始前的48小時內上網 www.invaluable.com登錄及完成註冊。 請您留 意,網上競拍的手續費漲百分之3 付款方式 在您購得拍賣標的後,您可以在拍賣會上直接 付現金或銀行背書支票, 或者,在拍賣會後的 幾天內,我们會寄出帳單明細。 價格 在圖錄上的拍品估價,僅供所有買家,作為參 考用。 請詳細閱讀,附在圖錄最後的拍賣條款 文物類貨物出境申報 -- 重要須知 在獲准允許出境的情況下(可隨貨發送的攜帶文 件),才可申報,整個申報受理過程,原則上為 2到4周