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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

167 166 165 G(eorg)e Achard et Fils à Genève, 22 x 32 x 9 mm, 19 g, circa 1800 An extraordinary, half pearl and diamond-set quarter repeating ring watch with visible diamond-set balance - with original box Case: 18k pink gold, rectangular-shaped case with cut corners, the bezel set with half pearls, diamonds and gold pearls, slide for repeating mechanism, push back with apertures for winding and hand-set, reeded shank with triangular-shaped half pearl-set shoulders. Dial: enamel, eccentric dial with Arabic numerals, signed, blued Breguet hands. Upper part with a polished disc with four curved diamond-set arms illustrating a visible balance. Movm.: rectangular-shaped movement, frosted, gilt, 2 hammers, 1 bell, 2 barrels for going and striking train, cylinder escapement. This is one of five known quarter repeating ring watches. Achard & Fils Achard & Fils was a watch manufacturer based in Geneva. The company was founded in 1796 by George Achard under the name Achard & Cie. Later the company changed its name to Achard & Fils. Achard & Fils was well known for its enamelled watches. The company ceased to exist in the 19th century. G(eorg)e Achard et Fils 日內瓦 — 非凡的鑲鑽,珍珠二問戒指錶,可 透視鑲鑽擺輪,附原盒 40836  C: 2, 16 D: 2, 32, 33 M: 2, 41  40.000 - 45.000 EUR 44.000 - 49.600 USD 360.000 - 405.000 HKD Swiss, 99 x 64 x 17 mm, circa 1880 A rare “Carnet du Bal” (“Dance Card Box”) with watch in a secret compartment Case: bone, rectangular case, the front with an oval polychrome painted gold enamel plaque with hinge, conceiling a small watch movement: depiction of three winged Cupids in a blooming garden. Pusher for opening. The interior with silk lining and note sheets with gilt edging, accompanied by a corresponding winding key in a bone capsule. Dial: enamel, radial Roman numerals, blued spade hands. Movm.: bridge movement, frosted, gilt, cylinder escapement, three-arm brass balance. 瑞士 — 罕見的”Carnet du Bal” (舞蹈名片盒),隱藏迷你鐘 41013  C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41, 51  9.500 - 10.500 EUR 10.500 - 11.600 USD 85.500 - 94.500 HKD Swiss, 35 x 18 x 9 mm, 15 g, circa 1850 An extraordinary, navette shaped half pearl-set ring watch with visible diamond-set balance Case: 18k rose gold, the bezel set with half pearls. Dial: eccentric enamel dial with Arabic hours, upper part with a polished disc with four curved diamond-set arms illustrating a visible balance against an opaque light blue enamelled ground with engraved floral decor and flaming heart, blued hands. Movm.: moulded movement, frosted, gilt, cylinder escapement. 瑞士 — 非凡的鑲珍珠,長形戒指錶,可透視鑲鑽擺輪 41014  C: 2 D: 2, 8, 51 M: 2, 30  9.000 - 11.000 EUR 9.900 - 12.200 USD 81.000 - 99.000 HKD