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Auktionen Dr. Crott 91st Auction

177 176 175 Etienne Tavernier, 50 mm, circa 1815 An important watch key of museum quality with calendar and moon phase Case: 18k gold, glazed on both sides, reeded band. Dial: Front: enamel, outer red Arabic date numerals, inner blue weekdays in French, blued steel hands. Back: gold, polished, arched aperture for the blue enamelled moon phase disc with golden stars and moon. Etienne Tavernier (1756-1839) Etienne Tavernier worked in Paris as a respected timepiece maker for over fifty yeras. Although the “golden age” of his solo work was circa 1800- 1830, he produced his fiines examples during his partnership with Philippe Gros form 1830. Gros went to continue to succeed in business following Tavernier’s death in 1839. Timepieces featuring advanced calendar movements but signed Abraham- Louis Breguet (also often containing musical movements), had parts supplied by Tavernier when operating from his workshop at Rue des Fossés. Illustrated and described in: “The Keys of Time” by Yves Droz, France 2012, p. 286-287. Etienne Tavernier 巴黎 — 意義深遠,博物館價值的鐘錶鑰匙,附月 曆及月相顯示 40762  C: 2 D: 2  8.200 - 11.000 EUR 9.100 - 12.200 USD 73.800 - 99.000 HKD French, 43 mm, circa 1810 An exceptional and extremely rare watch key with automaton “Pulcinella” Case: gold and polychrome enamel. Constructional theatre stage, Empire- style columns and pediment; articulated Punch figure (moved by a tiny lever at the back), background with enamelled countryside scene with a farmhouse at a river. Enamelled back, painting of a red open stage curtain and the weapons of Cupid, bow and arrow, in the centre. Pulcinella is a classical character that originated in the commedia dell’arte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry. Illustrated and described in: “The Keys of Time” by Yves Droz, France 2012, p. 281-283. 法國 — 極罕見非凡的鐘錶鑰匙,附活動雕飾”Pulcinella” 40761  C: 2  9.500 - 12.000 EUR 10.500 - 13.300 USD 85.500 - 108.000 HKD Probably Geneva, 60 x 32 mm, circa 1830 An extremely rare and remarkable ornamental gold enamel watch key with musical movement - with original case Case: gold and polychrome enamel. Transverse oval case with engraved serpents winding around it. Front with upright oval enamel medallion with polychrome painting: sailing vessel before a coastal town with trees in the background and a mountain against the blue sky. Around the scene is an engraved border surrounded by Champlevé branches, serpents and vases with flowers; turquoise-coloured bordure around the rim. The back shows a similar decoration: concave transverse oval medallion with a sailing vessel and a house, in the background mountains against a night- blue sky. Engraved border, Champlevé flowers and a vase with flowers; turquoise-coloured bordure around the rim. Winding device at the top, decorated with a serpent. Movm.: oval miniature movement, barrel with 104 pins and 9 vibrating plates. Illustrated and described in: “The Keys of Time” by Yves Droz, France 2012, p. 325-329. 疑是日內瓦 — 極罕見非凡的裝飾藝術黃金琺瑯鐘錶鑰匙,附音樂 鈴功能及原盒 40765  C: 2, 16 M: 2, 41  14.000 - 16.000 EUR 15.500 - 17.600 USD 126.000 - 144.000 HKD