Mixed Lots

Auktion For our mixed lots (collections) we are only able to supply a detailed description with condition report and photographs of the most valuable piece in the lot; the reported condition cannot be implied for the other pieces, for which we supply photographs on our web site at www.uhren-muser.com. Please note that the estimate is based on the total value of all pieces in the lot and reflects the quality of the complete bundle.

Special Materials

We advise our customers that a number of countries prohibit the importation of objects made of or containing materials from endangered species such as (but not limited to) coral, ivory, tortoiseshell and rare tropical woods. We therefore recommend that you familiarise yourself with all customs regulations before you bid on any such object, if you intend to import the object into another country.

Wristwatch Straps

Please be advised that straps made of material derived from endangered or otherwise protected species (ie. alligator and crocodile) are not sold with the watches and are for display purposes only. We reserve the right to remove these straps prior to shipping.

Art Loss Register

The Art Loss Register (ALR) is an evolving, computerized international database which captures information about lost and stolen art, antiques and collectables. All items consigned with Dr. Crott Auctioneers are carefully checked for provenance by our experts as well as with the Art Loss Register.