Lot No. 334 (86th Auction)
A very rare laborious ball driven clock, France, Height 590 mm, circa 1890
Case: rose wood base, gilt bun feet, applied gilt industrial affected ornaments, applied glass dome with brass frame. Dial: glass chapter ring, Roman numerals, blued steel hands. Movm.: trapezoid brass frame, pierced, large paddle wheel for metal balls, Broccot escapement, thermometer, barometer.

This clock is virtually identical with that shown in the Exposition Universelle of 1900 and is described and illustrated by Mathieu Planchon in La Revue Chronométrique for October of that year, the drawing from which is shown here.
It has a glass dial, Brocot escapement and a three wheel train driven by the steel balls in the right hand side of the paddle-wheel which is connected to the centre wheel. The balls, after leaving the paddle-wheel, are guided to the base of an elevator consisting of a series of buckets which lift the balls so that they may once again be placed on the top of the paddle-wheel. The buckets are driven by two concealed springs in the base acting in tandem.
In the centre of the elevator is a thermometer and above 12 o'clock an aneroid barometer. Height 21 1/2". Although the basic design of this type of clock remains the same the material used for the base may alter, for instance rosewood may be employed.

A nearly identical clock is illustrated and described in: Derek Roberts: "Mystery, novelty, and fantasy clocks", 1999, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., page 72ff.
Estimate  4,500 - 7,000 €

Price Realised  19,900 €
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