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Joseph Thaddäus Winnerl à Paris

, Movement No. 340, 145 x 140 x 145 mm, circa 1860

A small ship's chronometer with 49h power reserve indicator

Case: mahogany. Dial: silvered. Movm.: brass movement, diameter 63 mm, chain/fusee, spring detent escapement according to Thomas Earnshaw, heavy chronometer balance with 2 weights and 4 screws.

One of Winnerl's wonderful exquisite chronometers in perfect condition, in a fine mahogany box that was left almost unscathed by time - enclosed is the service book with the test results dating from 1986, by watch- and clockmaker Paul Rudolf, Horloger Attitré de la Marine de l'Etat in Triel-sur-Seine.

Joseph Thaddeus Winnerl (1799-1886)
Joseph Thaddeus Winnerl was born on January 25th, 1799 in Mureg/Styria. He served an apprentice for Georg Schmidt Fidel in Graz, and qualified in 1816. Beginning in 1823 Winnerl worked in Breslau and then for Kessels in Altona, for Urban Jurgensen in Copenhagen and from 1829 in Paris, where among others he worked for Breguet et fils . In 1831 he produced the first pocket watch with "seconde independante". Its centrally positioned seconds hand could be stopped and then started again independently from the clockwork any number of times, however after the completion of the timekeeping it would only slowly go back to zero. Only then could a new timing process be initiated. In 1832 he started his own business in Paris and produced marine chronometers, precision pocket watches and precision pendulum clocks.
Source:‌index.php?title=Winnerl,_Joseph_Thadd%C3%A4us_%281799-1886%29, as of 03/30/2015
Case: very good
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, capable of running, cleaning recommended

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