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Lot No. 160
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Samuel Panier à Lyon, 93 mm, 750 g

, circa 1650

An important, one handed splendour clock coach watch with alarm

Case: brass, firegilt, pierced and engraved in in floral and foliate patterns, rear bell. Dial: brass, firegilt, applied silver chapter ring with Roman hours, florally engraved alarm disc in the centre, finely blued steel hand. Movm.: full plate movement, firegilt, chain (later)/fusee, lavishly florally engraved barrel for alarm, 1 hammer, verge escapement, count wheel, applied blued iron click work, three-arm steel balance.

Samuel Panier was a member of the Jurande, the governing body of the Parisian clockmakers, in 1675 and was working at the Cour ancienne du Palais at the end of the Century. He died in 1700, or soon after. Christiaan Huygens travelled to Paris in 1655 and is recorded as having met with a Samuel Panier.

This coach clock was part of the Vehmeyer Collection and is illustrated and described in: H.M. Vehmeyer "Clocks their origin and development 1320-1880", vol. II, Wilsele 2004, page 784f and was part of the exhibition "Klokken uit de Gouden Eeuw", Nederlands Goud-, Zilver- en Klokkenmuseum, Utrecht, 1972.
Case: very good, slightly worn
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, capable of running

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