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Lot No. 347
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Chronoréveil A.V. (Albert Villon), Hors concours Exposition Paris 1889

, Movement No. 266, 115 mm, 745 g, circa 1889

A very rare large alarm clock in the style of old carriage clocks with a simple pivoted detent escapement

Case: silvered, rear bell. Dial: enamel. Movm.: brass full plate movement, 1 hammer, 2 barrels, three-arm steel balance.

Albert Villon was born on 18 October 1847 in Envermeu (Dieppe district) as the son of the watchmaker couple Pierre-Michel-Dominique Villon and Marceline-Modeste Vassard. From 1867 to 1883, Albert Villon ran a watch workshop together with Ernest Dessiaux. With Paul Duverdrey and Joseph-Honoré Bloquel he founded the company Bayard-Maison Duverdrey & Bloquel and became mayor of Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont. Albert Villon died on Friday 6 November 1926 in Thiedeville, south of Dieppe, at the age of 79. The city of St. Nicolas d'Aliermont paid tribute to his achievements and named a street after him.
Source:‌index.php?title=Villon,_Albert, as of 04/24/2019.
Case: very good, dents, slightly worn
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, capable of running, cleaning recommended

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