Lot No. 313* (89th Auction)
Patek Philippe Genève, Model L4011, Height 640 mm, circa 1975

A five-module time tower "T3 Master Clock System" with independent minute and seconds comparators, capable of controlling an almost unlimited number of slave clocks and capable of being regulated to 1/1000 of a second
1. rack: power connector
2. rack: showing time in five different places of the world
3. rack: minute comparator, constantly comparing if all clocks are running the same in terms of minutes and seconds
4. rack: series 937, radio controlled clock MI based on radio signal from Prangins Observatory
5. rack: clock B, series 938 based on quartz regulator

The tower consists of five modules with three independent precision quartz clocks, time bases A, B and C. All three give out their own second and minute impulses that are consolidated and compared in time base C (which does not have its own time display). All signals must be coincident for the given time to be accepted as correct. If one of the time bases deviates from the other two, it is assumed that the time given by the two other bases is correct. The deviating time base is switched off and an alarm is triggered. This guarantees that the correct time is always available.

The setup, which Patek Philippe called „T3“, is controlled by an early DCF77 radio control system - a forerunner of today’s radio clocks that was not yet able to read out the time signals. That is why the time station does not automatically adjust itself to the correct time; every single second is measured to 1/1000 and compared with the time signal. The change from winter to summer time is done by the push of a button.

The time station controls 10 slave clocks with minute pulses at 60V DC with alternating polarity and has a seconds and an hours pulse output. The station has a standard frequency generator (50 Hz) that also relies on the DCF77 time signal.

The design of the time station is modular and redundant; there are multiple copies of the same module and the hot plugging system allows the replacement of any module without shutting the system down. This ensures that the time station is always operational even when individual modules have been removed.
Estimate  6,000 - 12,000 €
A lot from a recent auction!

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