Lot No. 64 (94th Auction)
E. Reinhardt, Dresden / Peyer, Favarger & Co., Movement No. 17448, 385 mm, circa 1900

Slave clock with regulator dial that is coordinated with a precision pendulum clock
Case: walnut. Dial: silvered. Movm.: electromechanical solenoid system, brass.

Albert Favarger (* October 23, 1851 in Sackets Harbor; † December 28, 1931 in Neuchâtel) was an American electrical engineer and entrepreneur.

After graduating from the Swiss polytechnic institute in Zurich as a mechanical engineer, Favarger joined Matthäus Hipp’s company for the production of telegraphs and electrical instruments in Neuchâtel in 1874. He became managing director in 1889 and was company director from 1908 to 1920; the company then traded as Peyer, Favarger & Co.. After the business collapsed, it was taken over by the FAVAG corporation. From 1891 to 1892 Favarger was president of the Swiss electrotechnical society and from 1855 to 1911 he taught about electricity at the Ecole d’horlogerie et de mécanique in Neuchâtel. In 1911 Favarger was a member of the jury at the world exhibition in Turin and in 1914 at the Swiss national exhibition.

Favarger strongly championed the cause of a standardised world time. He demanded that all clocks should be coordinated in a worldwide network that took its input from a central control clock at an observatory.

"You don’t have to run long errands through Paris to notice numerous clocks, both public and private, that disagree – which one is the biggest liar? In fact if even just one is lying one suspects the sincerity of them all. The public will only gain security when every single clock indicates unanimity at the same time at the same instant."– Albert Favarger, at the International Congress on Chronometry in Paris, 1900
Source:, as of 09/21/2016
Estimate  2,300 - 4,500 €
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