Lot No. 58 (94th Auction)
Watch Company Bahnzeit, Glashütte i.Sa., 1500 mm, circa 1920

An extremely rare precision regulator with regulator dial and weight driven minutes contact device - 8-day power reserve
Case: oak. Dial: silvered. Movm.: rectangular-shaped brass movement, Graham escapement with adjustable steel pallets, pendulum spring suspension, nickel steel compensation pendulum according to Pleskot/Trapp, Glashütte.

The lever fork is very short and rests laterally on an adjustable screw that is fitted to the pendulum (the so called "unusual less frictional fork guide for precision pendulum clocks", after the design by Victor Hoser); it is an unusual construction. Equally uncommon is the contact that is released once per minute and – controlled by the seconds hand shaft through weight-drive and governor – remains for a short while.

The company Bahnzeit was founded in Glashütte in 1909, with the intention to supply "particularly fine master clocks made in Glashütte".
We know of very few clocks of this type. This is only the second one that has been illustrated and described in literature.
Bahnzeit Glashütte was sold to the company Strasser & Rohde in 1938.

A nearly identical clock is illustrated and described in: "Präzisionspendeluhren" ("Precision Pendulum Clocks") by Jürgen Ermert, vol. 3, 2013, p. 133ff.
Estimate  16,000 - 22,000 €
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