Bidding for our Watch Auctions

If you wish to participate in any of our watch auctions, there are several possibilities for you to do so:

At the auction

If you are planning to attend our auction in person, please register during the preview period or before the auction to receive a numbered paddle to identify yourself. Please be so kind as to have your ID card with you when you register. During the auction you bid by showing your paddle. The lots are usually called in the order in which they appear in the catalogue and are presented on large screen. The auctioneer will call the lot and the starting price. If there is only one bidder for the lot, the starting price will be the knock-down price. If there are more than one bidder for the lot, the bids increase in steps of approx. 10 % of the starting price.
If you are not able to attend the auction or prefer to remain anonymous, you can either supply a written bid or participate by telephone or internet.

Written bidding

The auctioneer accepts your completed and signed absentee bids, provided that they are submitted to us by post, fax or e-mail before the start of the auction. Due to the limited time frame we recommend that you confirm your absentee bid by a telephone call. Please note that for absentee bids the lot number is binding, not the description. Please fill in the lot number you wish to bid for and the description of the object as well as your maximum bid and your full address.

Telephone bidding

You may also participate in the auction by telephone; a member of our multilingual telephone team will contact you during the auction. The auctioneer accepts your telephone bids, provided that the completed and signed form for absentee bids is submitted to us by post, fax or e-mail before the start of the auction. Instead of your maximum bid please insert "TELEPHONE" in the form. Please supply at least one telephone number (preferably a landline) where we can contact you during the auction. Please note that we can only accept telephone bidding for lots starting with an estimated minimum of 1000,-- euros. Please note that for telephone bids also the lot number is binding, not the description. In submitting a bid placement, the bidder declares that he agrees to the recording of the bidding process.

Online bidding

If you have signed up and logged in on our homepage you can leave absentee bids. For live and online participation you need a different registration. There are no extra fees for online purchases. In either case please register at least 48 hours before the auction. For more information about online bidding see Online.


The prices listed in the catalogue are estimates intended to provide a guidance for potential buyers. The starting price is usually the minimum estimate listed in the catalogue. When you register your maximum bid with us, you will be guaranteed that the acceptance of your bid occurs at the best possible price for you.
The purchase price for lots without asterisk is the sum of the knock down price and the 25 % premium, where the premium already contains 19 % VAT.
Lots marked with an asterisk constitute an exception; for these lots the purchase price is the sum of the knock down price and a 22 % premium, with an additional 19 % VAT on the sum.

Knock down and payment

Lots are knocked down to the highest bidder after the third call. If the minimum estimate is not reached, a bid can be accepted under reserve and requires the seller's explicit consent. Once the seller has accepted the bid, the buyer will receive an invoice for the confirmed purchase.