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Auktionen Dr. Crott 88. Auktion

A gold snuff box of museum quality, with miniature portraits of Mary, Queen of Scots, and presumably James Stewart, 4th Duke of Lennox, a royalist and descendant of Queen Mary Case: 18K gold, two Parisian gold quality marks 1809-1819 and 1819-1839, three Parisian 18K gold hallmarks 1809-1819, 1819-1838 and 1847-1919. Signed on the edge: “Montauban Quai des Orfevres No. 54”. Rectangular box with rounded corners, allover decorated with flower and foliage scrolls on sablé ground, sides with central engine-turned geometric pattern, fluted corners. Lid and base each with a glazed gouache miniature portrait on ivory, upright rectangular form. Front with portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots, in a red beaded dress and white bonnet and cape. Her left hand rests on a table covered with a green velvet cloth; two royal crowns and a sceptre are placed on the table. To the left is the royal crown of France, to the right the royal crown of Scotland. The miniature on the back probably portrays James Stewart, 4th Duke of Lennox (1612-1655), Knight of the Garter, wearing a red kilt and a plumed hat. He stands on a hill with oak trees, his right hand is on his hip and his left hand extended. In the background are a fortification and sailing boats on the sea. Both miniatures are signed: “Parent 1813 de Naples”. Pierre André Montauban Montauban was born in Paris on 22 September 1763 but is not recorded as working there until 1800, when he entered a post-revolutionary mark as bijoutier and garnisseur from 30 Quai des Orfèvres. As garnisseur, he specialised in mounting miniatures or other types of panel in gold or more often, gold-lined tortoiseshell boxes. In common with the few remaining gold box makers at this date, he appears to have worked both on his own account and as a supplier of boxes to retailers such as Gibert, particularly to produce presentation boxes first for the Imperial and then after the Restoration, the Royal families. J. Parent Parent was an important miniaturist at the court of Napoleon, painting numerous miniatures of the Emperor and his generals. He moved to Paris in 1804 and established himself as a jewellery maker. Parent is particularly famous for his high-quality snuff boxes, which are made from tortoi- seshell and gold. Numerous of his boxes are part of the collection at the Louvre museum in Paris and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587) Mary, from the house of Stuart, ruled as Mary I, Queen of Scots, from December 14th, 1542 until July 24, 1567; through her marriage to Francis II she was also queen consort of France from 1559 to 1560. Born at a time of political and religious turmoil, Mary was taken to France as a child and brought up with her future husband Francis II. Francis died early and Mary became a widow at the age of 17; in 1561 she returned to Scotland to rule as queen. She was, however, not able to resolve the many problems caused by the complex political situation and the tensions between the rival noble families. Her second husband Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, was murdered in February 1567 and Mary was accused to have been an accomplice in his murder. Political pressure on Mary mounted and she was imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle; she was forced to abdicate in favour of her son James in July 1567. In 1568 Mary escaped from Loch Leven Castle and managed to raise an army but she was defeated in battle and fled to England. The rest of Marys life was marked by the ongoing conflict with Queen Elizabeth I that was rooted in Marys claim to the English throne. After Mary was accused of being part of an assassination plot against the English queen, she was executed for high treason in 1587. Source:, as of 09/29/2013. James Stewart, 4th Duke of Lennox (1612-1655) James was a Scottish nobleman from the house of Stewart. He was the son of Esmé Stewart, 3rd Duke of Lennox and his wife Catherine Clifton, 2nd Baroness Clifton; James became 4th Duke of Lennox in 1624. He had been Privy Councellor and Knight of the Garter since 1633 and inherited the title of Lord Clifton after his mothers death 4 years later. From 1640 until 1642 he served as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and from 1641 on as Lord Steward of the Household. In 1645 James became president of the Prince of Wales council. In 1641 James was made Duke of Richmond; the title had originally been granted to his uncle Ludovic but had become extinct upon his death. During the English Civil War James fought on the side of the Royalists. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Source:,_4._Duke_of_Lennox, as of 09/29/2013. Pierre André Montauban 巴黎 / J. Parent 巴黎 — 藝術氣息的黃金煙 盒,蘇格蘭皇后瑪麗亞的迷你畫像,疑來自皇家James Stewart, 4. Duke of Lennox 37653  G/C: 2, 31  40.000 - 60.000 EUR 54.000 - 81.000 USD 440.000 - 660.000 HKD