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Auktionen Dr. Crott 88. Auktion

An exceptionally fine and equally important, of Royal provenance, gold, gem-set, mother of pearl, 7½ minute repeating watch, striking on a bell with silent striking option and Queen Anne’s Royal Arms, probably presented as a present to a member of the Russian Royalty Case: outer case - back with five mother-of-pearl cartouches applied with gold scrolls and green stones. Inner case - splendidly pierced and engraved with masks and exotic birds. Both cases by “AG”. Dial: Gold champlevé, Roman hours with green-stone half hours. Movm.: firegilt full plate with early baluster pillars, verge escapement, chain/fusee, early cock pierced and engraved with mask and foliate pattern, solid silver dust cap over the movement with Queen Anne’s Royal Arms. To the best of our knowledge, this is the most splendid watch signed Cabrier. The appearance of the watch is striking— the outer case, on its own, is quite splendid, consisting of shaped panels of mother-of- pearl set in gold, among which are interspersed reserves of gold, pierced and engraved in foliate fashion. The gold inner case is pierced and engraved around the deep band with a mask, exotic birds among foliage. Making the movement not, as was typical at the time, quarter repeating, but 7½ minute repeating, confirms the special desti- nation of the watch. The repeating mechanism of the watch deserves an explanation in that, it might be the earliest known repeating mechanism having an all-or-nothing feature based on a fixed star. The earliest repeating mechanisms had the defect that the hour struck depended on how far the pendant was pushed in; if it was pushed not to the end, a lesser number of strokes was given. To prevent this error an all-or-nothing device was invented, which provides for all the hour being struck if the pendant is pushed fully in, but for nothing to be struck if it is not. The earliest known all-or-nothing mechanisms were based on the so called “movable star” where the hour snail was mounted on a pivoted lever which jeopardized the precision of the striking. This watch appears to be one of the earliest, if not the earliest, with all-or-nothing mechanism based on fixed star. The gained level of precision (or control of the striking) allowed the maker to go one step further to double the precision of the striking, introducing a 7½ minute mechanism, that is, changing the cam from four steps to eight steps (see photo). In order to distinguish the 7½ strikes from hour strikes, the second hammer is slightly shorter producing weaker sounds. A watch worthy a queen. Queen Anne’s watches are rare. We know more of them from written sources than from surviving examples. The Countess of Ilchester had a “jeweled watch” belonging to the queen which was exhibited at “Royal Treasures” held in London between April 13, and May 22, 1937 (exhibit No. 518). In the Bernal Collection there was a watch given by Queen Anne to the Duchess of Marlborough. The lavishness of this watch, especially the precious stones and mother of pearl, suggests that the Queen purchased it having in mind a gift to Russia’s court, with whom England had diplomatic and commercial relationships from the time of Ivan the Terrible. The queen needed presents for Peter the Great as well as Ivan V a few times each year. Such a watch was a perfect gift. In Russia watches set with gems were fashionable among the royalty and the wealthy. The Kremlin Museum has a number of them including one made not only by the same maker, Charles Cabrier (No. 671), but the same in style, with amethyst case set with diamonds (Inv. M3-4093), a gem-set watch by Peter Parquot, London, made probably in a Dresden workshop, with rock crystal and enamel case from the beginning of the 18th century from the Cabinet of Nicolas II (Inv. M3-4143). It is quite likely that this watch is also from the same collection, and that it found its way out of the country during or after the Bolshevik Revolution. (Charles) Cabrier 倫敦 — 精緻非凡的鑲黃金,鑽石,祖母綠的皇家 懷錶,含問、報時功能,敲擊鈴聲,安娜皇后的皇家軍隊,疑來 自俄羅斯皇家的禮物 37820  G/C: 2, 10 Z/D: 2 W/M: 2, 41  22.000 - 35.000 EUR 29.800 - 47.300 USD 242.000 - 385.000 HKD