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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

160* French / German, attributed to Samuel Blesendorf (1633-1706), 63 x 38 mm, circa 1765 A very fine bonbonnière with miniature portrait of Frederick I, King in Prussia (1657-1713) Case: gold, enamel and tortoiseshell. Case makers punch mark illegible, charge mark: Jean-Jaques Prévost (1762- 1768), guild punch mark “B” of 1765. Cicular box with independant lid, the inner with tortoi- seshell; all sides decorated with gold paillon stars on a translucent cobalt blue, engine-turned ground, very finely chased, ribbon-type gold mountings. In the centre of the lid is a very fine enamel portrait under glass and with chased gold frame, attributed to miniature painter Samuel Blesendorf (1633-1706): portrait of King Frederick I of Prussia (1657-1713) in a long curly wig, a suit of armour with a jabot and a blue cloak with a ruby shoulder clasp. A nearly identical miniature portrait of King Frederick I was sold as lot No. 166 at Christies in London in June 2014. Frederick I (1657-1713) Frederick I (German: Friedrich I), of the Hohenzollern dynasty, was (as Frederick III) Elector of Brandenburg (1688– 1713) and Duke of Prussia in personal union (Brandenburg- Prussia). The latter function he upgraded to royalty, becoming the first King in Prussia (1701–1713). From 1707 he was in personal union the sovereign prince of the Principality of Neuchâtel (German: Fürstentum Neuenburg). He was also the paternal grandfather of Frederick the Great. Source:, as of 09/26/2014. Samuel Blesendorf (1633-1706) Blesendorf was a German miniature portrait painter, engraver, enamel painter and goldsmith. His father was the goldsmith Samuel Blesendorf the Elder (ca. 1598-1651). Samuel the Younger worked as a goldsmith at The Hague in 1673 and 1679 before settling in Berlin in 1679. In 1690 he was appointed engraver to the court of the Elector and later King Frederick III. Blesendorf became a professor at the Academy of Arts founded in 1695; he produced mainly miniatures, engraved portraits and architectural designs. Source:, as of 09/26/2014 法國 / 德國,疑是Samuel Blesendorf (1633-1706) — 極 精緻的糖果盒,Prussia國王Frederick一世 的迷你畫像 (1657-1713) 39712 C: 2 18.000 - 30.000 EUR 22.500 - 37.500 USD 180.000 - 300.000 HKD

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