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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

164*163* Presumably Berlin, No. 562, 87 x 67 x 44 mm, circa 1800 A fine enamel box “Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, and Callisto” Case: enamel, gold mountings with floral ornamentation. All sides with opaque polychrome paintings in the style of Francois Boucher. Slightly domed hinged lid with image: a sleeping Diana with a nymph, a putto in the air above them and a faun wagging his finger in the background. Sides and floor with scenes of putti playing. 疑是柏林 — 精緻的琺瑯煙盒 “Diana, Goddess of the Hunt and Callisto” 39634 C: 2, 16, 32, 33 12.000 - 15.000 EUR 15.000 - 18.800 USD 120.000 - 150.000 HKD Alexandre Leferre, Paris, 76 x 57 x 41 mm, circa 1820 A rare enamel snuff box with genre scenes Case: silver, gilt, polychrome enamel with gilt mountings. Case maker’s punch mark “AL” (Alexandre Leferre), Paris; Belgian import mark 1831-1868. The rectangular box with rounded corners, the cover, base and sides inset with enamel plaques painted with genre scenes and a rustic interior tavern scene after the Belgian artist David Tenier the Younger (1610- 1690). Gilt mountings with decorative scrolls and rosettes. Alexander Leferre (before 1806 to 1838) was one of the best known members of an established family of Parisian goldsmiths. Much of his production was portrait boxes in an earlier style, but he also did ones mounted “a cage” in 18th century style, such as two in the Louvre collection mounted with vernis martin panels and european lacquer. Alexandre Leferre 巴黎 — 罕見的琺瑯文學畫作煙盒 39633 C: 2, 32 8.500 - 14.000 EUR 10.700 - 17.500 USD 85.000 - 140.000 HKD

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