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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

190* Swiss, 65 x 132 x 24 mm, circa 1880 A remarkably decorative and exclusive gold enamel case with period hunting scenes and original velvet box Case: gold enamel, upright rectangular, hinged lid. Polychrome floral Champlevé enamel ornaments, central cartouches with fine miniature paintings: the front shows a pheasant shooting scene, the back a hunting party resting, each framed by curling blue and white Champlevè ribbons. Above and below the cartouches are curled enamel medallions with hunting trophies and hunting gear, ornamented with floral engraving and translucent enamelling in parts. 瑞士 — 非凡裝飾藝術,極特殊的黃金琺瑯盒,賞心悅目的狩獵畫 作,附原廠收藏盒 39704 C: 2 42.000 - 55.000 EUR 52.500 - 68.800 USD 420.000 - 550.000 HKD

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