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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

223 222 Vindemil, London, 59 mm, 181 g, circa 1710 A pair-cased single-handed verge pocket watch with alarm, probably of southern German origin Case: outer case - silver, coated with leather, stud decoration, sound holes, large lateral hinge. Inner case - silver, open work border with very fine engravings, decorated with foliage, birds and medallions with views of towns; rear bell. Dial: silver, Champlevé, inlaid radial Roman hours, central rotating alarm disc, blued hands. Movm.: fine full plate movement, keywind, firegilt, applied florally engraved ornaments, signed, chain/fusee, additional florally engraved barrel for alarm, 1 hammer, Egyptian movement pillars, three-arm steel balance, engraved and florally pierced silver balance cock. Vindemil 倫敦 — 單一指針的雙層錶殼軸式懷錶,附鬧鈴,疑是德 國南方的作品 39546 C: 2, 10 D: 2 M: 2, 41, 51 3.500 - 6.000 EUR 4.400 - 7.500 USD 35.000 - 60.000 HKD Anders Johan Nevalainen, St. Petersburg, Length 200 mm, circa 1880 A decorative silver chatelaine with gems and pearls - with original box Case: silver, hallmarked: 84 zolotniki (875 silver), town mark St. Petersburg last quarter 19th century, master’s mark “AN” (Anders Johan Nevalainen). Hinged clip with a turban-wearing head, three chains with lavishly chased foliage ornamentation and pendants showing folded hands; middle chain with putto and scroll. Gemstones: rock crystal, yellow quartz and garnet. Coloured stones and pearls. Anders Johan Nevalainen Nevalainen was born in Finland in 1858. He went to St. Petersburg in 1876 for his apprenticeship and subsequent training and became master in 1885. Nevalainen worked for Fabergé, where he produced small gold and silver objects. Source: Slavisches Institut Munich, “Verzeichnis der russischen Gold- und Silbermarken”, Munich 1971, p. 68 Anders John Nevalainen 俄羅斯 聖彼得堡 — 裝飾藝術的鑲鑽及珍珠 銀錶鍊,附原盒 39417 C: 2 2.000 - 3.000 EUR 2.500 - 3.800 USD 20.000 - 30.000 HKD

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