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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

233 232 Marc Mertier à Paris, 59 mm, 202 g, circa 1720 A very fine, rare “Oignon” quarter repeating verge pocket watch Case: silver, florally engraved bezel, open work border with engravings, decorated with flowers, rear bell, large lateral hinge. Dial: enamel, “en bosse”, radial Roman hours, iron hand. Movm.: fine full plate movement, keywind, applied, florally engraved and pierced silver ornaments, firegilt, signed, chain/fusee, Egyptian movement pillars, 1 hammer, three-arm brass balance, florally engraved and pierced silver balance bridge with scene of two hound dogs hunting a rabbit. Marc Mertier 巴黎 — 極精緻,罕見的二問軸式懷錶”Oignon” 39547 C: 2, 10 D: 2 M: 2, 41, 51 3.500 - 5.500 EUR 4.400 - 6.900 USD 35.000 - 55.000 HKD A collection of a silver enamel chatelaine, a lavishly decorated watch key with amethyst, a pocket watch and 16 watch keys A very fine silver chatelaine with polychrome enamel medallions, circa 1720 Case: silver, delicately wrought with floral elements, studded with red and white gem stones; two horizontal oval enamel medallions: miniature portraits of two court ladies with powdered wigs and low-cut baroque style dresses. A chain on each side, keys with translucent cobalt blue decoration and signets. Total length 120 mm. 一套銀質錶鍊,華麗紫水晶鑰匙,一只懷錶及16只鑰匙 極精緻的多彩繪銀質錶鍊,琺瑯紀念章,約 1720 39057 C: 2, 10, 38 2.200 - 3.000 EUR 2.800 - 3.800 USD 22.000 - 30.000 HKD

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