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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

240 241 Monogram “M. L.”, 155 x 140 x 55 mm, dated 1606 An early hexagonal probably Flemish table clock with hour self strike, fusee with stopwork and original wooden transport box with inlays Case: brass, firegilt, two open-work sound holes to the sides, six bun feet. Dial: brass, gilt, engraved chapter ring with radial Roman hours I-XII and inner chapter ring with Arabic numerals 13-24, outer ring with twelve touch pieces for night reading, matted centre, pieced hand. Movm.: hexagonal brass movement, firegilt, engraved open work applica- tions, monogrammed, dated, gut, fusee with stopwork , 2 barrels, baluster shaped movement pillars, 1 hammer, 1 bell, florally engraved and pierced locking plate, verge escapement, florally engraved pierced balance cock. Listed at “Meister der Uhrmacherkunst” (masters of watchmaking) by Juergen Abeler, 2nd edition, Wuppertal 2010, p. 644. 花押題字 “M. L.” — 早期六角形小自鳴座鐘,疑自舊比利時,附 原廠可攜帶鑲嵌木盒 39478 C: 3, 11, 23 D: 3, 23 M: 2, 14, 41, 48, 51 16.000 - 20.000 EUR 20.000 - 25.000 USD 160.000 - 200.000 HKD withdrawn 撤銷

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