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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

243 242 Southern German, 410 x 500 mm, circa 1700 A rare wall clock with quarter hour self strike Case: circular gilt brass case, open worked Repoussé foliage decor on a red ground. Dial: signed “Daniel Quare, London”, gilt brass chapter ring with inlaid radial Roman hours, the centre with similar Repoussé decor, finely cut and blued hands, front pendulum. Movm.: solid iron frame, brass and iron wheels, weight driven over 3 spools, 2 hammers/2 bells, verge escapement. This southern German plate clock is a typical example of an attempt to increase the value of the object by using the signature of a famous English clockmaker. 德國南方 — 罕見的圓盤形大自鳴壁鐘 39536 C: 2, 9 D: 2, 9 M: 2, 9, 41, 51 3.500 - 4.500 EUR 4.400 - 5.700 USD 35.000 - 45.000 HKD Regnault à Paris, Höhe 270 mm, circa 1680 A small single-handed French lantern clock with alarm Case: brass and bronze, 4 round corner columns with baluster-shaped bases and capitals, 2 plain side doors, the two sides with pierced frets on top, the front with engraved maskaron and floral patterned fret, 4 bow-shaped hoops, bell with hammer, crowned by a baluster. The back of the clock has a lug and hooks for attaching it to the wall. Dial: brass, chapter ring with inlaid radial Roman numerals, central alarm disc with Arabic numerals surrounded by rich foliate engravings and signature, single iron hand. Movm.: brass wheel movement, solid plates, weight driven via cord and counter weight for going train and alarm, verge escapement. Regnault 巴黎 — 小巧,單一指針的法國燈籠式座鐘,附鬧鈴  39809 C: 2, 9, 30 D: 2, 9 M: 2, 20, 30, 41 2.000 - 3.000 EUR 2.500 - 3.800 USD 20.000 - 30.000 HKD

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