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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

Rolex “Cosmograph Oyster Daytona” - so called “Paul Newman” When the Rolex company introduced the screw-down pushers, it lent their watches an immediate advantage over those of its competitors. The screw-down pushers could not be manipulated accidentally and thus gave the watch a reinforced waterproofness, while, however, the chronograph functions could not be used under water. The new design was instantly accepted by the lovers of Rolex chronographs and the models fitted with it proved to be extremely successful. The Daytona models began to be true collector’s items around 1988, when the automatic movements were launched and some Rolex enthusiasts turned to the old-fashioned manually wound timekeepers. What is more, the supply of the El Primero caliber manufac- tured by Zenith was very slow and market demand had been underestimated - so buyers suddenly faced extremely long delivery times for their watches. Of course it was the manual models that became the true collector’s pieces; a wonderful example is the Paul Newman in its various versions. The most sought after model was that with a black background and screw-down pushers; hardly more than a dozen of these watches ever appeared during public and private sales, so that they are without doubt the highlight of any important collection of Daytonas anywhere in the world. This watch is technically similar to the latest versions of the Daytona with push-down buttons but features the typcial reference 6263 “Oyster” designation, where the dial reads “Rolex / Cosmograph / Oyster” instead of the normal “Rolex / Oyster / Cosmograph” arrangement. The white Paul Newman dials also shows the usual “Oyster” designation. The bracelet endlinks bear the number 71 N. The dial also stands out among the other Paul Newman dials because a distinctive font has been used for the designation; the R is of a larger size and the serifs are more prominent than usual (except for a small number of rare dials made for references 6262 and 6264). The few black Paul Newman 6263 models that came on the market until now all have very low serial numbers and so does this striking timepiece - which seems to indicate that the design was solely used for a few selected models and that some of them were the early 6263 references. Thus it stands to reason to say that this exquisite piece reflects the characteristics that were typical of the very first series: fitted with a caliber 727, the case back bears the mark 6239, and bezel and main case body are evolved from previous models; rare bracelet endlinks numbered 71 N. 勞力士 “Cosmograph Oyster Paul Newman” - 號 稱 “Oyster Sotto” — 極罕見非凡的男仕腕錶, 於1971年12月24日在瑞士成交,1982年送回日 內瓦勞力士公司維護整理,附原廠發票及勞力 士服務卡 39087 C: 2, 10 D: 2 M: 2, 41, 51 250.000 - 500.000 EUR 312.500 - 625.000 USD 2.500.000 - 5.000.000 HKD

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