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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

347 346 Barraud, Cornhill, London, Movement No. 1619, 50 mm, 121 g, circa 1816 A heavy precision pocket watch with English lever escapement Case: 18k rose gold, polished, gold dome, case maker’s punch mark “WW”. Dial: enamel, radial Roman hours, auxiliary seconds, gold spade hands. Movm.: full plate movement, keywind, signed, gilt, chain/fusee, moulded pillars, three-arm steel ring balance, fine florally engraved balance cock, chatoned diamond endstone on balance. Paul Philipp Barraud (1750-1820) Barraud was an English chronometer maker in London. His parents were Francis Gabriel Barraud and Magadalen Benine née Crespin, who was the daughter of a renowned Huguenot silversmith. In 1796 Barraud became a member of the Clockmakers Company of London and a master in 1810/11. He formed a partnership with George Jamieson and William Howells; of Barraud’s 7 children, his sons Frederick Joseph, John and James followed him into the business. From 1796 until 1820 they created more than 1,000 chronometers together. Source: Wikipedia “Die freie Enzyklopädie” - “Paul Philipp Barraud”, http://, as of 02/10/2012 Barraud, Cornhill 倫敦 — 厚實的精密懷錶,附銳齒錨式擒縱 39040 C: 2, 10 D: 2, 31, 33 M: 2, 41, 51 1.600 - 2.600 EUR 2.000 - 3.300 USD 16.000 - 26.000 HKD Vulliamy, London, Movement “ozaa”, 55 mm, 149 g, circa 1816 A gentleman’s very fine, heavy pocket watch with duplex escapement Case: 18k rose gold, engine-turned, reeded band, case maker’s punch mark “FH”, movement protection cap. Dial: silver, engine-turned centre, radial Roman hours, auxiliary seconds, blued heart-shaped hands. Movm.: full plate movement, florally engraved and pierced appliques, frosted, gilt, signed, chain/fusee, solid movement pillars, three-arm steel balance, temperature-compensating balance spring, rich florally engraved balance cock with mascaron, chatoned diamond endstone on balance. Justin Vulliamy Renowned in London as an excellent watchmaker, the Swiss-born Vulliamy went into partnership with Benjamin Gray, watchmaker for King George II, in 1730. After Gray’s death in 1775 Vulliamy continued his business by himself. Vulliamy 倫敦 — 極精緻,厚實的男仕複式擒縱懷錶 39014 C: 2 D: 2, 8 M: 2, 41, 51 3.200 - 4.500 EUR 4.000 - 5.700 USD 32.000 - 45.000 HKD

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