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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

366*365* Paris, 61 x 23 mm, circa 1780 A rare tortoiseshell gift box with miniature painting of a young lady Case: tortoiseshell and two coloured gold mountings, case maker’s mark illegible, charge mark Jean-Baptiste Fouache (1775 - 1781), discharge mark Julien Alaterre (1768 - 1775), guild punch mark “S” of 1782. Round case with loose lid with very fine enamel portrait under glass in the centre showing a lady in a blue dress with her curly dark blond hair pinned up; with a surrounding of finely woven dark blond hair; framed by green gold laurel wreaths, rims with gold pearl dots. A lock of hair Jewellery made with hair came into vogue during the 18th and 19th centuries, when love and friendship were often cultivated with such keepsakes. The emotional value of the jewellery was all-important; most of these early pieces were created from the giver’s own hair and personal gifts of this type were held in high esteem in the Age of Sentimentalism. The custom of making jewellery from hair originally came from England; during the times of Classicism and Biedermeier when the cult of friendship and the storage of mementos was its zenith, people all over Europe took delight in this kind of art. Source:, as of 09/19/2010 巴黎 — 罕見的迷你女仕畫像玳瑁展示盒 39713 C: 2, 31 5.500 - 7.500 EUR 6.900 - 9.400 USD 55.000 - 75.000 HKD Samuel Cotes, 74 x 56 x 34 mm, circa 1770 A Louis XVI snuff box with gold mountings and miniature portrait of a gentleman, signed “S. Cotes, 1766” Case: 20k gold and tortoiseshell, case makers punch mark not readable, charge and discharge mark Julien Alaterre (1768 - 1775), guild punch mark “G” for the years 1770-1771. Oval box, the hinged lid set with a glazed watercolour on bone miniature of a gentleman, a head and shoulders portrait of a man turned to the right, wearing a powder wig, a red coat and white neckcloth and cravat, signed lower right “S. Cotes 1766”; engraved gold rim with drawstring pattern, Piqué posé pink gold pattern, florally engraved thumbpiece. On the inner lid a glazed oval bone medallion with engraved townscape, monogrammed lower left “HN”. Samuel Cotes (1734–1818) Cotes became known as a portrait painter; his crayon portraits were also admired. He painted in miniature both on enamel and on ivory, and exhibited from 1760 to 1789 at the exhibitions of the Incorporated Society of Artists, of which he was a fellow, and at the Royal Academy. He died in Chelsea in 1818. Source:, as of 09/27/2014. Samuel Cotes — 罕見的鑲金邊路易士十六世煙盒,附”S. Cotes, 1766”簽署的貴族迷你畫像 39716 C: 2, 10 9.500 - 12.000 EUR 11.900 - 15.000 USD 95.000 - 120.000 HKD

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