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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

399 Le Roy Horloger De Madame, Paris / bronzing attributed to Jean-André Reiche / sculptor probably Jean Baptiste Boyer, Height 450 mm, circa 1810 A spectacular Empire ormolu sculptural chariot mantel clock “The Chariot of Telemachus” Case: ormolu, rectangular base with applied laurel and oak wreaths and a centred eagle with thunderbolts (Zeus), fasces corners. Finely cast and chiseled chariot with lion’s mask surmounted by Telemachus protected by Athena guarding her with her shield, drawn by lively horses. The enamel chapter ring is forming the wheel, the spokes are open-worked for making the skeletonized movement visible. Dial: enamel chapter ring, radial Roman numerals, Breguet hands. Movm.: circular brass full plate movement, 2 barrels, 1 hammer / 1 bell, 8 day-movement, count wheel, anchor escapement, short pendulum. The clock has been known as the “Chariot of Diomedes”, however, a draft by Jean-André Reiche (1752-1817) - to whom the bronzing is attributed - in the Bibliothèque impériale calls it “char de Télémaque” (chariot of Telemachus). Source: “Die Französische Bronzeuhr” by Elke Niehüser, Munich 1997, p. 68. A nearly identical mantel clock is described and illustrated in “Die Franzö- sische Bronzeuhr” by Elke Niehüser, Munich 1997, p 68, 69. Telemachus When he left for Troy, Ulysses’ infant son Telemachus remained behind. By the time he had grown into a man, the Gods decided that Ulysses should return home, so Athena approached Telemachus and told him to go and investigate his father’s fate. As his family tried to keep Telemachus at home, Athena turned herself into Mentor, an old friend of Ulysses and the two men set off together. They found out that Ulysses was kept prisoner by the nymph Calypso. When Telemachus arrived on Calypso’s island she fell in love with him, but he lost his heart to Eucharis, another nymph. Source: “Was Bilder erzaehlen” by H. Krauss/E. Uthemann, Munich 1987, pp. 107. Le Roy Horloger De Madame 巴黎 / 鍍銅家 Jean-André Reiche 加持款 / 疑出自Jean Baptiste Boyer的雕刻作品 — 引人注目的帝國風格座 鐘,附大自鳴”The Chariot of Telemachus” 39816 C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41 18.000 - 22.000 EUR 22.500 - 27.500 USD 180.000 - 220.000 HKD

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