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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

411 Delmas à Paris / C.P. Gontard / Henri Jacot à Paris, 95 x 180 x 80 mm, circa 1855 An important quarter repeating carriage clock with special chronometer escapement and Grand Sonnerie Case: brass, gilt, moulded base and cornice, facet glazed on five sides, handle on top, button for repeating mechanism, slide for muting. Dial: enamel, radial Roman numerals, blued Breguet hands. Movm.: rectangular-shaped brass movement, signed, keywind, 2 hammers / 2 bells, 8-day power reserve, solid circular movement pillars, 2 barrels, platform with Gontard´s chronometer escapement, large screw compensation balance, blued helical balance spring. Charles Allix about this clock: “This escapement.... must be considered as an attempt to improve a pivoted detent chronometer escapement in order to make it more suitable for pocket watches or carriage clocks. Both, the “roulant” and the case of this piece were probably obtained from Jacot”. This clock is illustrated and described in: “Carriage Clocks - Their history & development by Charles Allix”, Woodbridge, Suffolk 1974, p. 212/213. Delmas 巴黎 / C.P. Gontard / Henri Jacot 巴黎 — 意義深 遠的二問旅行鐘,附大小自鳴及特殊時計擒縱 39288 C: 2, 10 D: 2 M: 2, 41, 51 4.500 - 6.500 EUR 5.700 - 8.200 USD 45.000 - 65.000 HKD

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