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Auctioneers Dr. Crott 90th Auction

433 Ferdinand Engelschalckh, Height 420 mm, circa 1735 An important Friedberg bracket clock with quarter hour repeater, quarter hour / hour self strike “Grande Sonnerie”, full calendar and moon phase Case: ebony veneer, moulded brass base on four gilt paw feet, ormulu rocaille mountings, glass back and front door, quatrefoil sound holes on the sides with open work brass grille on a red silk background; hipped and moulded rococo style pediment, ormulu finials in the shape of flaming vases in all four corners, open-worked handle with figural scene, cord at the side for activating the repetition. Dial: brass, with very finely engraved tendrils, applied silver chapter ring with inlaid radial Roman hours, signed. In the centre a curved opening showing the pendulum, window showing the date at “VI”. Five small applied silver chapter rings: to the left, engraved months with zodiac signs, to the right day of the week with planet of the day. Between them a curved opening for the moon phase with engraved disc and blued starry sky, moon age. Above, on/off indicators for the repeater and for the strike; additional silver chapter ring for fine adjusting. Blued hands. Spandrels with applied silver plaques with engraved and coloured symbols of the four elements: top left a dolphin, top right an eagle, bottom left a stag and bottom right a dragon. Movm.: rectangular brass full plate movement, engraved ornaments: flowers, foliage, volutes and a head and shoulders portrait of a lady. Chain / fusee for going train, 2 barrels for striking train, 2 hammers / 2 bells, baluster-shaped movement pillars, 8 day-movement, short pendulum. Ferdinand Engelschalckh Ferdinand Engelschalck was born in Wuerzburg as son of the Friedberg clockmaker Christian Engelschalk. He was christened in Friedberg in 1698. Engelschalckh became master in 1721 and moved to Friedberg in 1731; he remained a member of the guild in Wuerzburg though. Engelschalckh died after 1744. His clocks are owned by several of museums and private collections. Source: Juergen Abeler, “Meister der Uhrmacherkunst”, 2nd Edition, Wuppertal 2010, p. 139 Ferdinand Engelschalckh — 意義深遠的豎立座鐘,鐘 錶家Friedbereger的作品,附二問,大小自鳴”Grande Sonnerie”,完整月曆及月相顯示 39746 C: 2 D: 2 M: 2, 41 15.000 - 20.000 EUR 18.800 - 25.000 USD 150.000 - 200.000 HKD

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