Lot No. 509 (89th Auction)
Achille Brocot France, Movement No. 4863, Height 390 mm, circa 1880

An astronomical mantle clock with full calender, moonphase, equation of time and half hour / hour self strike
Case: brass, gilt, moulded white marble base and top, facet glazed on four sides. Dial: gilt and florally engraved mask, enamel chapter ring with Arabic numerals for indicating the seconds, sunken center with visible Brocot escapement, eccentric small enamel dial with radial Roman hours and blued spade hands at "30 seconds"; below an additional enamel dial with equation of time and a polychrome enamelled night sky with a moon aperture, three subsidiary dials for indications of the weekday, date and month with signs of the zodiac, blued hands. Movm.: square brass clock movement, 2 barrels, 2 hammers, 1 bell, mercury compensation pendulum, additional round brass movement for calendar indications.

Louis "Achille" Brocot (1817–1878)
Achille Brocot was a French clockmaker and amateur mathematician. He is known for his discovery (independently of and contemporaneously with German number theorist Moritz Stern) of the Stern–Brocot tree, a mathematical structure useful in approximating real numbers by rational numbers; this sort of approximation is an important part of the design of gear ratios for clocks. He also made many other horological innovations including refinement of his father Louis-Gabriel's Brocot escapement and the development of clocks with perpetual calendar mechanisms.
Source:, as of 02/20/2014.
Estimate  11,000 - 13,000 €

Price Realised  11,400 €
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