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Lot No. 251
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I.S.W., Breslaw (Wroclaw), 570 mm high

, circa 1630-1650

An extremely important astronomical "Türmchenuhr" table clock with quarter strike and hour strike

Case: brass, firegilt, moulded and ebonized sub-construction with with two drawers that was added at a later date. Moulded base, smooth walls; body with four Doric columns in the corners, rectangular structure with obelisk-shaped balusters and balustrade. Square belfry for two bells and central ridge turret decorated with a small bell and angels, two flanking vases. Open work obelisk at the very top. Left side panel with monogram "I.S.W." on the outside, inside with engraving "Israel.Stosch Breslaw"; right side panel with monogram "I.S.W." on the outside, inside with engraving "GOT UND DEM HOCHLÖBLICHST ERTZHAUSE ZU ÖSTERREICH HEINRICH FREIHERR VON BIBRAN".
Dial: front - outer gilded chapter ring with minutes "1-60", silvered dial with outer chapter ring divided in two times 12 hours, thus showing the 24 hour dial with engraved Roman numerals. Inner ring with engraved Arabic numerals for the date. Arched cutout for the moon age, round cutout showing the engraved moon phase disc. In the centre is a very fine engraving: figure of the moon goddess Luna in a chariot drawn across the sky by two nymphs. Bottom left a silver sub-dial with polychrome Champlevè enamel inlay with figures indicating the planet of the day. Bottom right a sub-dial with silver chapter ring indicating the signs of the zodiac with sign length, with polychrome Champlevè enamel inlay; central engraved disc "12 - 19". At the top silvered medallions on both sides, with polychrome Champlevè enamel inlay showing imaginary birds. Blued steel hands.
Dial: back - applied gilt chapter ring divided in two times 12 hours, thus showing the 24 hour dial. Silvered chapter ring with the signs of the zodiac, length of the months and months. Central gilt and engraved disc with a diagram showing the positions of the sun, the moon and the planets, opening for moon phase and chapter ring for the moon age. Gilt sun hand, showing the position of the sun in the zodiac sign, gilt moon hand, showing the date and the month. Top left is an engraved and silvered dial with blued steel hand to set the 6 hour or 12 hour strike. Top right is an engraved and silvered regulator dial to set the striking movement, blued iron hand. Bottom right an engraved and silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals "1-12", central gilt alarm disc with floral engraving, blued iron hand. Bottom left a silvered escutcheon with floral engraving and Champlevè enamel inlay, central opening for the winding arbor of the alarm mechanism.
The left side panel with silvered control dial with floral engraving, for the quarter hour strike "1-4", blued serpent hand.
The right side panel with silvered control dial with floral engraving, for the hour strike "1-6" and "I-XII", two blued serpent hands.
Movm.: heavy gilt brass frame with fluted columns in the corners, four ornamented iron panels with floral engraving; one of them has a leaver for setting the moon phase. Extremely complex movement on different levels; applied open work ornamentation with floral engraving, brass train, three chains/fusées for clock and strike, with steel locking mechanisms. Additional barrel for the alarm. Lateral iron locking plates, verge escapement and pendulum.

The engraving suggests that this may have been a gift from Israel Stosch (probably the father of Helene von Stosch) to his daughter and son-in-law Heinrich, Baron Bibran and Modlau (1587-1642) in 1640 on the occasion of the birth of their son Sigismund Heinrich, Baron Bibran and Modlau (1640-1693).

A similar tabernacle clock made by Paulus Knust in Wroclaw is illustrated and described in "Clocks their origin and development 1320-1880" by H.M. Vehmeyer, Vol. I, Wilsele 2004, p. 166f.
Case: very good, slightly repaired, slightly worn
Dial: very good, slightly oxydized
Movm.: very good, slightly oxydized, slightly repaired, capable of running, cleaning recommended

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