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Lot No. 93
Estimate  3,800 - 5,000 €
This is a lot of a former auction!

Jean Varin à Paris, 61 mm, 189 g

, circa 1710

A decorative verge pocket watch "Oignon"

Case: brass, firegilt, finely engraved and chased ornamental Arabesque décor, large lateral hinge. Dial: brass, firegilt, the centre decorated with chased foliage and mascarons, enamel cartouches with blue radial Roman numerals, blued "Poker & Beetle" hands. Movm.: full plate movement, keywind, firegilt, signed, chain/fusee, Egyptian movement pillars, ratchet wheel, three-arm iron balance, large engraved and pierced balance bridge decorated with foliage and mythological birds.

Jean Jacques Varin
In 1715 Varin was listed as a watchmaker in Paris, in the Rue Pot de Fer-Faubourg Saint-Marcel (1713), in the Rue Saint-Anne (1719) and in the Rue de la Calandre (1728). He was married to Marie Madeleine Leclerc. He died before 1795 at l' Ile de la Cité in Paris, the Saint Croix Parish.
Source:‌index.php title=Pariser_Uhrmacher/Pers​onen_V, as of 04/01/2015.
Case: very good, slightly worn
Dial: very good, small restaurations
Movm.: very good, capable of running, cleaning recommended

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