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Honoré Pons à Paris, Invente & Exécuté, An XII (24. Sept. 1803 - 23. Sept. 1804), "Echappement & Remontoir", Height 770 mm

, circa 1804

An important dead centre seconds precision regulator with one-second constant force detent escapement

Case: mahogany, veneered, glazed front, moulded, Dial: brass, firegilt, eccentric silvered chapter ring with radial Roman hours, the centre with visible and complex escapement section, outer silvered chapter ring with Arabic seconds for centre seconds, gilt Breguet hands, Movm.: round brass full plate movement, gilt, 2 barrels, brass/steel/gridiron pendulum with pendulum spring suspension, facetted brass bob, adjusting nut, temperature indicator.

This seems to be an unrecorded variation of the escapement invented by Berthoud, with a constant force mechanism applied to it. The elaborate concept and the fine finishing of the clock strongly support Pons' reputation as one of the best makers of his period, as de Thury describes him.

Honoré Pons
Honoré Pons was one of the most renowned French clockmakers of his time; he worked in Saint Nicolas d'Aliermont from 1807 on. In 1819 Viscount Hericart de Thury wrote that a great number of eminent clockmakers "such as the Breguets, the Berthouds, the Janviers, the Robins, the Lepautes, the Bourdiers and the Pons…" were "known in the sciences of astronomy and physics…". Pons was an exceptionally resourceful maker of watches and clocks who designed and built the machinery for making his clocks himself. He invented his own type of movements and sold them to other watchmakers like Brocot; these movements are today known as Pons calibers. Pons frequently exhibited at fairs and was awarded numerous prizes and medals. When he died, he left a bequest of 1,000 francs to help watchmakers in need.
"Les Ouvriers du Temps", Jean-Dominique Augarde, Editions Antiquorum, Geneva, 1996. "Dictionnaire des Horlogers Français", Tardy, Paris, 1972.
Case: very good, slightly chipped
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, capable of running

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