Lot No. 48 (92nd Auction)
Strasser & Rohde, Glashütte in Sachsen, Height 1500 mm, produced 1910

A very fine Glashuette precision regulator produced in quality B with Riefler's Invar compensation pendulum - type J, No. 2269 DRP No. 100870 - 8-days power reserve
Case: oak, tiered, glazed front door, lateral folding hood. Dial: regulator dial, silvered, signed, inlaid Arabic hours at "6", central Arabic minutes, inlaid Arabic seconds at "12", keywind, laquered brass bezel, blued spade hands. Movm.: rectangular-shaped brass movement, screwed chatons for lever and escape wheel, four solid movement pillars, weight driven, Graham lever with sapphire pallets, lateral pendulum impulse device, pendulum spring suspension.

Strasser & Rohde
In 1875 Ludwig Strasser and Gustav Rohde founded the company "Strasser & Rohde" in Glashuette. It produced all differents kinds of precision pendulum clocks, among them clocks with inverted escapements. The product range also included marine chronometers, escapement models, precision tools, tachometers, time ball clocks, timer clocks for safes, pocket watches, coincidence clocks, stopwatches and other timers.
In 1879 Strasser began to devote most of his time to the German watchmaking school in Glashuette and eventually left the company. When Rohde retired, Wilhelm Kreis took over the company. Paul Weiss leased the company from Kreis in 1918 and later took it over when Kreis died. While Kreis had still sold about 300 Strasser & Rohde precision pendulum clocks, only a handful of them were sold during the time of Paul Weiss.
The last pendulum clock by Strasser & Rohde was delivered to the observatory in Greece on June 19, 1959 and duly paid for. It was a large type B I clock with 24 hour dial, lateral weight guiding system, electrical contacts and a Riefler J-pendulum.
Estimate  16,000 - 20,000 €

Price Realised  20,900 €
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