Lot No. 221 (92nd Auction)
Master's mark "MK", presumably Augsburg, 60 mm, 227 g, circa 1575

A one-handed pre-balance Renaissance "clock-watch" of museum quality with hour self strike, wheel balance and stackfreed
Case: brass, firegilt, allover rich open work floral chasing and engraving, decorated with flowers, foliage, fruit, animal motifs, mascarons and carytids; the top with spoke-shaped open work detail showing the hours. Dial: brass and copper, silver chapter ring with inlaid radial Roman hours, central brass disc with floral engravings, numerals, finely cut single iron hand hand. Movm.: full plate movement, iron, punched Master's mark "MK", iron train, 2 open barrels, stackfreed, verge escapement, 1 hammer, block-shaped movement pillars, locking plate with internal teeth for hour striking train, foliot and hog's bristle.

Numerous other high quality watches with Master's mark "MK" are mentioned in: "Meister der Uhrmacherkunst" by Juergen Abeler, 2nd edition, Wuppertal 2010, p. 644.

The initials "MK" have so far been attributed to a number of Renaissance masters such as Michael Klenck, Matthas Kessborer or Melchior Kleinhemmel; however, they cannot be attributed with absolute certainty. What the objects in question all have in common is a very high standard of quality in their artistic and technical execution.

Two similar pieces marked "HK" and "AS" with cases that have, without doubt, been produced by one and the same maker are illustrated in "Die deutsche Räderuhr" by Klaus Maurice, Vol. II, Munich 1976, illustrations 436/437.
Estimate  42,000 - 55,000 €

Price Realised  47,200 €
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