Lot No. 387* (93rd Auction)
Edmond Bourquenez, Case No. 1900, 50 mm, 89 g, circa 1890

A gentleman's very rare pocket watch with decimale time "Montre Système Décimal"
Case: silver. Dial: enamel. Movm.: bridge movement, ébauche: H. & C. Robert, three-arm ring balance.

Revolutionary France in the 1800s was not the only one to attempt a simplification of timekeeping and to move from the awkward 24 hours and 60 minutes and seconds to a much more convenient decimal system. After decimal time was abolished again after 1806, it still had its advocates throughout the 19th century, some of them even very prominent. Famous people such as Saunier recommended the decimal system and even Paul Ditisheim created timekeepers that showed decimal time.
This timepiece has a lovingly decorated case and classic Louis XV hands, it does not immediately remind the viewer of revolutionary times – until we look at the odd layout of the numerals …
Estimate  1,800 - 2,800 €

Price Realised  2,200 €
A lot from a recent auction!

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