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Lot No. 555
Estimate  3,000 - 5,000 €
This is a lot of a former auction!

Erwin Sattler, München, "Modell 1622"

, Cal. 1520, Height 1440 mm, circa 2000

A precision regulator in style of a Vienna "Laterndl clock" with half hour/hour self strike - one month power reserve

Case: mahogany. Dial: enamel. Movm.: rectangular-shaped brass movement, 1 hammer / 1 gong, Graham escapement with adjustable steel pallets, wooden pendulum rod and -brass bob.

The nostalgic pendulum clock in the style of a 19th century Vienna wall clock was produced by Munich manufacturer Erwin Sattler and is in almost new condition. The clock catches the viewer ' s attention with its large enamel dial that has a diameter of almost 25 cm, a powerful brass pendulum bob and the fine inlay work on the case – and of course the marvellous resonant strike every half hour just adds to the attraction of this striking timekeeper.
Case: very good, slightly scratched
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, capable of running

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