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Omega "Chronometer Megaquartz f4.19 MHz" Chronomètre de Marine / Observatoire de Neuchatel

, Case No. 1545, Cal. 1525, 130 x 75 x 170 mm, circa 1980

A legendary, almost as new marine chronometer with chronometer rating certificate of the Observatory Neuchatel and papers

Case: steel, mahogany box with brass mountings. Dial: Adventurine quartz. Movm.: electromechanical precision quartz movement "Megaquartz f4,19 MHz".

Omega high frequency marine chronometer, Megaquartz 4.19 MHz, 1980:
"A timekeeping instrument equipped with quartz calibre 1525 (a high frequency quartz with an oscillation frequency of 4.19 m per second), which was developed on request by "SHOM, Service hydrographique des la Marine nationale francaise". After rigorous testing for a year this was chosen to be fitted on all admirals' ships of the navy. The instrument was exceptionally accurate (deviation of approx. 1 hundredth of a second per day in constant temperature conditions or less than 5 seconds per year, with a 3 year power reserve and fully functional in a temperature range between -10 and +60 Centrigrade), and had successfully passed the most severe tests involving temperature fluctuations and thermal shocks, electromagnetic fields and vibrations, which were carried out at the observatory in Neuchatel. After 47 days of testing the instrument received its individual certificate with a license to carry the official title of a quartz marine chronometer.
From: Marco Richon, "Omega", Biel 2007, p. 203
Case: very good
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, capable of running

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