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Estimate  500 - 1,000 €
This is a lot of a former auction!

Abeler Workshops, 1950 mm, Wuppertal

, circa 1960

Reconstruction of a clepsydra water clock invented by Ctesibius, on a marble base

The clock shows the hours of the year on main column. Vertical lines indicate the months, curved horizontal lines show the hours, allowing for their varying length in the course of a year. The tears of Eros on the right fill the vessel on the left with water, so that the faun on the float rises and shows the time on the column. The faun reaches the top after 24 hours and the vessel empties by means of a waterwheel, which also turns the column by a day - after 365 days the column has completed one revolution.

This lot is located at the watch and clock museum in Wuppertal, where it can be viewed and - in case of a successful bid - collected!

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