Lot No. 162 (99th Auction)
Johann Sayller, Ulm, 124 x 124 x 115 mm, circa 1630

A square astronomical table clock of museum quality, with quarter hour / hour strike, date, moon age and moon phase
Case: firegilt brass case on four feet ornamented with goats heads and volutes, 2 rear bells. Dial: brass, firegilt, cast cherubs heads to the corners; applied silver date ring within a silver chapter ring; next to it, a gilt brass moon-age ring attached to a disc with a moon phase aperture; an engraved aspect scheme in the centre. Movm.: square brass movement, firegilt, chain/fusee, 2 barrels for hour and quarter hour strike, 2 engraved hammers, count wheel, verge escapement, blued steel ring balance.

Johann Sayller (1594-1668) was born in Angelberg in the diocese of Freising, Lower Bavaria and was one of the most renowned makers of complicated watch and clocks in the 17th century.
Johann Sayller settled in Ulm in 1617 and became a citizen in 1624; in 1646 he became guild master. Sayller created his master piece in 1626: a rolling ball clock after Margraf, which was first exhibited in the town hall of Ulm and from 1812 on in the private library of King Frederick I of Württemberg. Sayller’s pieces were so superior and sought after that they were mostly used as gifts for important and famous people. He created precious pendant watches, complicated astronomical bracket clocks and other technically sophisticated pieces. Two of his rolling ball clocks and a silver astronomical tower-shaped bracket clock with a three months power reserve are in the posession of the Württembergisches Landesmuseum. Other table clocks of Sayller can be found in museum collections around the world,including the National Museum in Copenhagen, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Source:​men/name_s.htm, as of 01/22/2015

A nearly identical table clock is illustrated and described in: H.M. Vehmeyer "Clocks their origin and development 1320-1880", vol. I, Wilsele 2004, page 140f.
Estimate  10,000 - 15,000 €

Price Realised  12,500 €
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